fatigue syndroms

fatigue syndroms

Are you constantly exhausted and anxious?

Have your symptoms increased in recent times?
Are you seeking a way to overcome them and return to the person you once were?
Chronic fatigue affects many people but the symptoms can take many years to manifest themselves and cause serious problems. Some people suffer for many years before they are diagnosed with the condition and try to carry on with their lives as normal. This is a mistake and can mean proper healing takes far longer as a result. Luckily, there is a solution that is at hand.
This book, Finally Free From Fatigue, has been written as a tool for healing fatigue and in particular for healing chronic fatigue syndrome, with chapters that examine:

  • The fear you experience when exhausted
  • Knowing that your condition can be cured
  • The causes of chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Signs you could be suffering from it
  • Eliminating brain fog
  • The importance of sleep for renewing energy
  • Detoxing your body
  • And lots more…

This chronic fatigue healing guide is the perfect antidote to the issues you face, helping you to understand the science behind your ailment, heal your body and cure your mind naturally that works and will keep working long term.
If you are struggling with brain fog and classic chronic fatigue, then it’s time to act with Finally Free From Fatigue.

fatigue syndroms

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fatigue syndroms


Martina wanted me to share her story:

Your book Fatigue saved my life. I began to have anxiety; I was exhausted all the time, sensitive to sound, found it hard to sleep, was becoming more forgetful, and had all sorts of other symptoms. They developed slowly, over the course of two years, and got increasingly worse even though I was on sick leave on grounds of “fatigue syndrome.” I tried every suggestion: meditation, leisurely walks, rest, vacations, etc. but nothing helped. I would get sick with panic disorders that could last a whole day if I did “too much.” It was a major setback in my life. I had malaise, and soreness in my chest, and I thought I was dying of exertion. Towards the end, I had such brain fog that I felt constantly intoxicated, and I was basically bedridden. The doctors suspected Myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome.´
Barely a year after I started utmattningsskolan.se, or UMS the Fatigue school, I was alive again and working full time. I got my life back!  I never felt so healthy and full of energy before as I do now. I have a normal life, exercise, meet friends, plan fun activities with my son, etc I had to take made a break for various reasons so now it’s been 2.5 years, but I will not be satisfied until the whole school is finished. The tests show zero on toxins and I don’t feel fatigued anymore
Lena Holfve can’t thank you enough! Please share my story.

Martina describes well what happens when one is exhausted, and how sick and scared you can be because you do not understand what is happening.

We have seen time and time again that hope allows people to leave the belief that their condition is incurable and psychological. This hope is important because it fights fear, and we have seen too many times that fear can drive people to take their own lives.

I thanked Martina for that report. Martina is one of many people who were unknowingly poisoned by mold inside her home. The root of my illness was aluminum and parasites.

I started UMS the Fatigue school in July 2016, but it had never been part of a larger plan. I had shared a text about my own experience with Fatigue on Facebook and, to my surprise, thousands of people shared it. This drove me to create a Facebook group that was open for any interested parties to join; the number of participants soon reached several hundred. I quickly realized why the post had been shared so much and why so many people had joined the group – it was because I had been cured of Fatigue, and they wanted to be educated on how they could do the same.

Driven by their interest, I wrote the first course. While the participants of the group studied it, I wrote the second. The cycle continued until I had a total of nine sections, and Utmattningsskolan.se was born.

Now, almost seven years later, scores of people suffering from Fatigue have taken the course and are fully recovered. Some volunteers also speak about their experiences in the book. In Sweden, the symptoms are unfortunately often interpreted as mental illness. Personally, I never experienced this as I recovered in Asia, where it is acknowledged as a physical condition.

Over the years, I have learned that there is a lot of overlap for those affected by Fatigue. Most diagnosis of” fatigue syndrome” was caused by metal poisonings or mold.

The signs are obvious – your eyes seem dull, you can’t bear any overstimulation, your memory suffers, and you find it difficult to read or count. These are all due to the inflammation of the brain.

The effect on one’s memory is quite startling. I remember, oddly enough, a moment when I saw car keys in the hall of my house. My brain was confused:” Did I have a car? And if I did…, where does it stand? What does it look like?”

The Methods in this book have been recreated by me and modified slightly, but they are all approved by the doctors with whom we collaborate.

Many people have asked me over the past six years why we haven’t advertised or actively tried to spread the word. I knew from the start that the methods had helped me recover and that the recovery was long-term. However, it was only after many years that we could study the effects on various people. Now that we have many older members who have been healthy for 2-5 years, after suffering from chronic fatigue for 4-17 years, we can confidently say that these methods work nearly universally, and their results sustain over many years.

The root of the method is quite simple; eliminate the brain fog so you can think, get your sleep in order in a non-toxic environment, get the energy back, and then start looking for the root cause, using symptom lists and labs abroad to which we send biological samples.

You ask; Can fatigue syndrome be cured?

We say; Yes!