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Parasites are one common cause of fatigue

“Three weeks after the doctor’s visit, I got a call at work. It was from the doctor at the health center. His first sentence when I answered was: Are you alone? Can we talk? Then he started saying many things, and honestly, I wasn’t following along. Part way into the conversation, I realized that they had found parasites in the sample I submitted and that all he was talking about was apologizing to me without using the words sorry, or sorry.”
Marianne Larsson

There is now a gentle action program against parasites, which has been used in Sweden with success for six years. The trick is that the animals never have time to realize that they are being euthanized, and when they understand what is going on, they release poisons.

The Swedish writer Lena Holfve runs a successful online school against exhaustion and its root causes, where parasitic infection is one of them.


Many within the school have heard a professor and researcher announce what we already know: that “exhaustion” is a symptom and not a disease, and behind it can lie as much as possible. We use laboratories in Germany and the USA because Sweden is unwilling or unable to investigate.
A few members received help at their health center, and lastly, a lead-poisoned person had to take lead samples. We also have a collaboration with a clinic in Stockholm that can test.
We have been operating since July 2016 and have members who have found all sorts of poisonings: everything from Mold, nickel, copper, aluminum, and uranium poisonings to Lyme disease and parasites.
fatigue syndromsTo get well, you must find your poison root and eliminate it, and before that happens, you generally get sicker and sicker.
The doctor’s goal is to end the consequences rooted in an inflammation of the brain that causes brain fog. The one we fight via my book “Exhausted – Free from Brain Fog.” [1]
The doctor who pronounces that all exhaustion should be “seen as an alarm going off” is a school medic and has the following training:
B.A., Maryville College, Psychology, Ph. D., University of Tennessee, Experimental Health Psychology
Postdoctoral fellow, Arizona State University, Pain Psychology
Postdoctoral fellow, Stanford University, Pain Neuropharmacology
Cutting-Edge Research on CFS, Neuroinflammation, Pain, and Fatigue.

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So, we draw knowledge from the outside and then cure ourselves. The first student was me, and I told him how I had done thanks to Indian doctors. Some dared to try my way, and today we are over 3,200 members.
As mentioned repeatedly: if you call the health center and say that you think you have parasites, you will not be believed. Therefore, I conclude this book by letting the restored speak out. They become significant ambassadors who can testify to the fact that they had parasites and how well they began to feel when the parasites were euthanized.
When you’ve euthanized your parasites, and it’s not particularly expensive or even difficult, you’ll probably say as the rest of us do: Why aren’t parasites recognized in Sweden? Not even when people come with them in a glass jar! How can you let people be on sick leave for ten or fifteen years, call most of it “mental illness,” and push them to psychotropic drugs year after year? Humanitarian superpower?



We repeat that whole process until we are liberated. If it feels like you don’t need another lap right away, you postpone it for fourteen days. But it is critical that you redo everything after two weeks.
In the School of Exhaustion, we also use cloves, a freshly squeezed lemon, a teaspoon of Himalayan salt, and warm water to knock out a loose stomach quickly – it goes in 20 minutes. I’ve never heard of anyone who got that tip that hasn’t gotten rid of, for example, severe diarrhea. It shows how potent this is.
Pumpkin seeds can kill eggs as they contain a natural fat toxic to parasite eggs. Markets usually have organic pumpkin kernels from South America, and so does the Raw store.
The cucurbitacin in pumpkin seeds has shown anti-parasitic activity because it can paralyze worms so that they jump off the intestinal walls. According to Chinese scientists, pumpkin seeds treat acute schistosomiasis and tapeworm infestation.
So, we make sure to get pumpkin seeds in step 1.
As a meal drink, we now preferably choose freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, papaya juice, or golden milk (swallow the papaya kernels because they are, as mentioned above, parasitic medicine).
Black walnut oil is available, and pure carnation oil is almost impossible in many countries. If you overdose on it, it leads to liver damage and even death, and since adults are treated like children in Sweden, you have marked it to end. In the U.S. and Asia, you can buy it “everywhere”; you expect people to follow instructions.
The clove is world-famous for killing the eggs and larvae of parasites. In other cultures, carnations are chewed now and then to keep parasite eggs away.
It’s about getting rid of them, and they don’t even have to have hatched yet. But it is with the clove, as with everything else: you MUST get hold of organic cloves, not the sterilized ones from the grocery store. It applies to all herbs and spices.
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) documented in the first century that cloves kill intestinal parasites and exhibit broad antimicrobial properties against fungi and bacteria. Thus, the clove has a traditional use against diarrhea, intestinal worms, and other digestive tract diseases.

India’s traditional Ayurvedic healers have been using cloves to treat respiratory and digestive ailments and migraines.
Cloves contain eugenol, caryophyllene, and tannins that have potent anti-microbial properties – these components travel in the blood and kill microscopic parasites and all parasite larvae and eggs.
The clove effectively fights malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, scabies, other parasitic infections, viruses, bacteria, and fungi, including candida. The clove also destroys all species of Shigella, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus. We have used it against tooth inflammation well into the 20th century. Linnaeus had it in Pharmacopaea Holmiensis in about 1740.
Since health care often denies parasites completely, sometimes you must go the private route, and laboratory. Sometimes the care takes samples, but they don’t show anything. It would be best to rely more on the symptom list than on models. You can come to a doctor dizzy, wobbly, corpse-pale doctor. You may have severe stomach pains and headaches all the time, but if the samples do not show anything, you are nuclear healthy.
With great sadness, I give my readers a tip: you can ask veterinarians to send parasite samples. Then it seems that they are found.
It looks a little different in India, among other places, where they read masses via the pulse; your skin color says it all, and your gaze provides lots of information as well as what your tongue or stool looks like.
An experienced Swedish nurse, who works at one of our largest hospitals, told me: “Everything we don’t understand what it is, we shoot to the psyche.
It is no wonder that “mental illness” is increasing exponentially.

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