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When you suffer chronic fatigue, tried everything, visited every doctor you thought could help, and lost all your courage,        then read this book of HOPE!!

It tells the stories of (almost) cured people as well as the author herself (who has cured as well).

There are also several interviews a couple of years after the cure, to check whether recovery is ongoing (and it does!) There are also several interviews a couple of years after the cure, to check if the horsetail mentions (and it does!)

In Western medicine, doctors treat the symptoms, but the symptoms are NOT the root cause. This is very well explained by the author. The people who tell their stories have been following the online UMS program, which tackles, first of all, the brain fog, then the sleep disturbance then addressing the deeper laying causes. In this way, there’s in depth cure.

A special extra with this book is the YouTube playlist with a lot of extra interesting information.

Tamara  Scheers, Brussel 25.02.2023

fatigue syndroms


Review Lena Holfve

Yes, you can get sick for less: parasites, nutritional deficiencies, Mold, and I got diabetes too. It was a bit of a shock to find your school, and I seem to have ticked off almost every issue you have raised. I wish I had found it sooner. Then I wouldn’t have had to believe that everything was psychological and that everything was my fault.
Marianne Larsson

Lena Holfve

Lena Holfve

Lena Holfve

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Lena Holfve overcame fatigue and is helping others do the same through her book ‘Finally free from Fatigue!’ 

‘Finally, Free From Fatigue!’ by Lena Holfve helps people by explaining how to take care of their bodies naturally

‘Finally free from fatigue!’ by author Lena Holfve charts a successful journey of overcoming the symptoms. 

Your book Fatigue saved my life. I began to have anxiety; I was exhausted all the time, sensitive to sound, found it hard to sleep, was becoming more forgetful, and had all sorts of other symptoms. They developed slowly, over the course of two years, and got increasingly worse even though I was on sick leave on grounds of “fatigue syndrome.” I tried every suggestion: meditation, leisurely walks, rest, vacations, etc. but nothing helped. I would get sick with panic disorders that could last a whole day if I did “too much.” It was a major setback in my life. I had malaise, and soreness in my chest, and I thought I was dying of exertion. Towards the end, I had such brain fog that I felt constantly intoxicated, and I was basically bedridden. The doctors suspected Myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome.´
Barely a year after I started utmattningsskolan.se, or UMS the Fatigue school, I was alive again and working full time. I got my life back!  I never felt so healthy and full of energy before as I do now. I have a normal life, exercise, meet friends, plan fun activities with my son, etc I had to take made a break for various reasons so now it’s been 2.5 years, but I will not be satisfied until the whole school is finished. The tests show zero on toxins and I don’t feel fatigued anymore
Lena Holfve can’t thank you enough! Please share my story.
Martina Persson

Exhausted and Sleepless by Lena Holfve provides tips, tricks, and techniques to get the rest, your body needs.
Exhaustion can and will deprive you of living your life to the fullest. A former exhaustion sufferer herself, Lena walks you through the exact steps needed to help you regain your health.

Holfve’s methods have helped thousands of people dating back to 2016, and she now runs a fatigue school to educate people about ‘exhaustion syndrome better’.

The book is broken into 2 sections; Part 1 is about getting you at your optimum as quickly and efficiently as possible. It details exactly what you need to do to get better – it is simple, organized, and straight to the point. The list of treatments is very much within the scope of the average person, incorporating recipes, music, and movement.

Part 2 is about the breakdown of the science behind the remedies and tactics of Part 1.


Finally free from parasites! is the newest book by Lena Holfve, the international author who has specialized in how to deal with fatigue and other matters. Holfve has worked on a variety of topics and has explored in-depth the study of fatigue. She has published several books on the topic and has overcome chronic fatigue herself. Finally free from parasites! is another entry in this series that explores another possibility that can help people facing fatigue and other health issues that do not seem to have a clear cause to find new solutions and options and improve their quality of life.

This book is inspired by Lena Holfve’s own experience. She had the parasite Leishmania herself when she started the school for fatigue. She would later find out that parasites are a common reason for why people might suffer from chronic fatigue, as they make the body extremely stressed, leading to negative effects.

This book is part of the program from Holfve’s Fatigue Schools, which center on the impact of different causes of chronic fatigue and help participants reclaim their lives in a sustainable way. Other books in the series focus on the importance of sleep, how to deal with brain fog, and other solutions to this problem. Here, she is focused on the topic of parasites.

The experience of some readers reflects the possibility of finding new solutions for their problems, including fatigue and related difficulties. Unfortunately, these often remain undiagnosed and even unrecognized, despite the huge effect they can have on people. For example, those with chronic fatigue often face years of situations where they cannot enjoy life or live fully while others around them deny their experience or tell them to just get over it. Finding new alternatives and places to look for a solution can help people tremendously, as can having other books that describe and validate their experience.

Holfve has published many texts that have helped people discover a name for what they are going through, to know that they are not alone, and to start fighting against their fatigue. Reclaiming one’s life from fatigue is essential.

Holfve offers a deep dive into the topic of fatigue and explores it from different perspectives. Finally free from parasites! examines another method that might help many people discover the causes of their fatigue and address them effectively. It can be recommended to readers who want to understand their experiences of chronic fatigue or who have close relatives with a similar situation. In addition to this, Finally free from parasites! explores another method for getting rid of parasites that is based on ancient practices.

You can find out more about Lena Holfve on her website. You can find Finally free from parasites! on Amazon. If this is relevant to your interests, you can also look at other books in the series that Holfve has put out.

Her website also allows you to learn more about her Fatigue Schools and join them to work through your chronic fatigue situation and reclaim your life.